The Louisiana Black Business Directory is the portal for a strong community and economic growth in the African-American Community.  We celebrate the accomplishments of Black Business and encourage the support of all small companies and corporations.  This directory is for the purpose of promoting business in the African American Community in an effort to increase economic strength in local neighborhoods. 
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The LABBD Top 5
Week of 4/1/14

Each week will feature our top 5 restaurant picks.

1.Uncle E's Wings & Things -Baton Rouge* * * * *

2.  Pearl's Country Kitchen - Opelousas * * * *

3. Glenda's Creole Kitchen - Breaux Bridge * * *

4. Two Sisters Kitchen - New Orleans  * * *
5. Veronica's Cafe - Carencro * * *
Week Of: April 1
  Uncle E's Wings & Things
* * * * *
Uncle E's Wings and Things is one of Baton Rouge's best burger dives offering a unique menu packaged in a cozy lunch box location. After scanning the very diverse menu, "The Apostle" Burger was the choice. Wow!!!! This burger was massive!. With three homemade juicy ground beef patties, hot sausage links,bacon, and cheese, I immediately new this was not your average burger. From the first bite to the last I was totally emerged in comfort food paradise. While each element held it's own, the marriage of flavors proved to be a spectacular experience bundled into one sandwich. The staff was friendly, but the wait was a bit lengthy. However the reward was a fantastic meal at a fantastic restaurant. I will be back!!!!!
                                       - "Chef  T"
                                                LABBD Food Critic

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Distinctive Smiles of Baton Rouge, LLC was founded with the community in mind.  We strive to create a positive dental experience in a soothing environment.  We wish to create the "wow" factor with attention to detail.  Educating ourselves and our patients is a primary focus of this organization.  We are family oriented - general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family. Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve.  We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health.  Should a dental emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible.
What are some of the most significant health problems related to stress? Here's a sampling.

1.Heart disease. Researchers have long suspected that the stressed-out, type A personality has a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. We don't know why, exactly. Stress can directly increase heart rate and blood flow, and causes the release of cholesterol and triglycerides into the blood stream.  It's also possible that stress is related to other problems -- an increased likelihood of smoking or obesity -- that indirectly increase the heart risks.
Doctors do know that sudden emotional stress can be a trigger for serious cardiac problems, including heart attacks. People who have chronic heart problems need to avoid acute stress -- and learn how to successfully manage life's unavoidable stresses -- as much as they can.

2. Asthma. Many studies have shown that stress can worsen asthma. Some evidence suggests that a parent's chronic stress might even increase the risk of developing asthma in their children. One study looked at how parental stress affected the asthma rates of young children who were also exposed to air pollution or whose mothers smoked during pregnancy. The kids with stressed out parents had a substantially higher risk of developing asthma.

3. Obesity. Excess fat in the belly seems to pose greater health risks than fat on the legs or hips -- and unfortunately, that's just where people with high stress seem to store it. "Stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol," says Winner, "and that seems to increase the amount of fat that's deposited in the abdomen."

4. Diabetes. Stress can worsen diabetes in two ways. First, it increases the likelihood of bad behaviors, such as unhealthy eating and excessive drinking. Second, stress seems to raise the glucose levels of people with type 2 diabetes directly.
Headaches. Stress is considered one of the most common triggers for headaches -- not just tension headaches, but migraines as well.